Used Inplant Offices: A Budget-Friendly Solution

Used inplant offices are a cost-effective and flexible way to add space to your facility, warehouse or other large, open building. As an alternative to costly permanent construction, these modular structures can be utilized for offices, conference rooms, lunch rooms, break rooms, restrooms, clean rooms, quality control rooms, and many other applications.

If your facility has high ceilings, an in-plant office can be installed on top of a mezzanine, providing supervisors with a bird’s-eye view of the warehouse or manufacturing floor. Use the bottom level for storage or other offices. Or choose a load-bearing roof and utilize the upper level for a storage or production area.

Used Inplant Offices

Benefits of Modular Inplant Offices

Investing in modular office enclosures, walls or partitions offers a variety of advantages compared to traditional construction:

  • Can be added to virtually any space
  • Constructed with the same or better building materials to more demanding tolerances
  • Manufactured to exact specifications for design consistency
  • Lean manufacturing process reduces waste
  • Self-contained construction that does not require support from existing roof and/or walls
  • Easy assembly with minimal disruption to plant or warehouse operations
  • Clean installation with minimal on-site construction and fabrication
  • Single and multi-room options, with or without restrooms
  • Can be customized to fit your facility and work around obstacles
  • Can be mobile or permanent
  • Can be quickly disassembled, reconfigured, and moved to another location as needed
  • Little maintenance required
  • 30-50% cost savings on average
  • 40% faster than traditional construction
  • Environmentally friendly; earn LEED points
  • Potential tax advantages due to accelerated depreciation (IRS §179)
  • A smart, fast way to expand with endless possibilities

Modular builders, like Modular Genius, have supplied a countless number of modular inplant offices for both public and private industry. To make certain the used structures they offer for sale or lease are in the best possible condition, they are rigorously inspected, checked for weather tightness, structural integrity, mechanical HVAC operation, and electrical and plumbing compliance.

Equipment Shelters, Security Booths and Press Boxes

Durable prefabricated modular enclosures are ideal for guard booth applications, ticket booths, press boxes for sports, cell phone tower buildings, etc.  They can be installed virtually anywhere, inside or outside, and can be relocated easily if your needs change.

Modular enclosures can also be easily integrated with platforms or mezzanines to create fully functional guard observation towers. Electrical and HVAC systems can be installed to make the work environment more comfortable for employees. Other options include sliding windows, sound proofing, and blast- or bullet-resistant glass.

If you work in the petrochemical, military or defense industries, or any industry where there is an increased chance of explosion, fire and danger from toxic materials, consider blast resistant modular structures for storing sensitive equipment or providing a safe work environment.

The inherent design of modular buildings makes them far more flexible than traditional reinforced concrete and masonry buildings in the event of a blast. They can bounce back without collapsing under the pressure. The roof is also far less likely to collapse, which drastically reduces the chances of injury.

Used inplant offices are versatile, cost-effective, and enable you to add space and functionality without busting your budget on conventional stick-built construction. They also belong to you and can be reconfigured in a new location within your current facility or taken with you when you move out.